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Yuan Necklace

Yuan Necklace

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This necklace set has a circular pendant on each chain. There are little round poppy metal balls along the shorter chain that gives texture to this set, finished with a beautiful oval shaped pendant on the longer chain as the center piece. 

18K Gold Plated; Stainless Steel 

Length: (14 inches, 16 inches chain) + 2 inches adjustable clasp 

Jewelry Care

We advise our customers to remove their jewelry before you shower or swim. Wear them after you have apply your body lotions and perfume. Lastly, store them in your inclusive Third Tone dust bag to keep them as new as day one.

Size Guide

Easy way to find out your ring size at home:

1. Cut a thin strip of paper or string.

2. Wrap the paper or string around the finger you’ll be wearing the ring on. It should be wrapped snugly, but not too tight.

3. Mark the point where the paper or string overlaps around the circumference of your finger. 

4. Using the millimeter of a ruler, lay the paper or string flat and measure the length from one end to the marking.

ring size chart third tone
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