Make Summer Longer With These Colorful Jewelry

Summer Jewelry Third Tone


It's August people! While major fashion houses are already talking about transitional pieces, I for one will try to linger onto summer a little longer. We're still wearing bright colors here. Don't be intimidated by colors, I swear it's easier than it looks to add color to your outfits. 


white cuban chain ring, cute heart ring from third tone jewelry
All of our colorful jewelry pieces are designed to be minimal, but with a fun summer twist. The Summer Bond Rings are available in 4 different colors! Yet, it's super easy to style them thanks to their classic cuban chain ring design. 


ruby love ring, cute affordable jewelry by third tone
Our latest addition - Ruby Love Ring was designed with a gold band (because we know how much you girls love gold jewelry 😉). BUT, we added pink hearts and stars to sparkle it up. It's honestly the perfect baby step to add colors into your jewelry collection.


Give fun jewelry a chance. Shop our summer collection now! 
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