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Meet @aleeeeeexx_

Introduce Yourself!

Hi! My name is Alexandra. I work as a social media associate by day and I'm also a content creator. I'm originally from Peru but I live in San Francisco. :)  

How would you describe your style?

Minimal with a pop of color. It usually depends on the season though!

What is your favorite Third Tone jewelry piece?

The Luna necklace, I rarely take it off. It's the perfect everyday gold necklace.

Who is your style icon?

Surprisingly I don't have one but I love the 2000's Latina street style of Selena Quintanilla and I also love Gigi Hadid's style. 

If you could only wear one accessory, what would it be?

Necklaces! I'm always wearing one and I feel weird when I'm not.


Follow Alexandra on her socials! She has the best positive radiant energy.

IG: @aleeeeeexx_

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